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The Charter
A People’s 21st Century Magna Carta


“Being a covenant between all the peoples of these Islands and following the principles in this Constitutionalists’ Charter, the first written Constitution for these Islands will affirm and avow that moral purpose, trust and belonging are the essence of the people’s well-being.”

REFORMATION - The United Kingdom

1. The Constitutionalists commit to a reconfiguration of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. On their achieving a democratic majority, legislation will immediately be passed to enact this Charter and a new Constitutionalist Parliament will replace the House of Lords extending functions as in clauses 4 & 6 below. A general election will then be called to elect a House of Commons & a government accountable to the new Constitutionalists’ Parliament.

2. England & Scotland will be restored to sovereign nation statehood. Wales & Northern Ireland will be invited to declare their independence. A new Confederation of The Islands will be formed. Each of the 4 Nations can choose confederation or be independent. The United Kingdom can be dissolved on the Charter’s realisation.

3. The Sovereign nation states, their status with the Confederation notwithstanding, retain membership of the United Nations, the Commonwealth & the European Union & thus support their founding purpose of peaceful co-existence.

RESTORATION - The Islands of Britain

4. Participation by electorate in writing a constitution will be determined by the Constitutionalist Parliament in standing Convention guided by the Supreme Court, a reformed Civil Service & this Charter. The constitution will, to be living, have clauses for their development & democratic confirmation recognising that knowledge & wisdom are history dependent & knowing that Institutions’ asymmetry of power-with citizens require Common Sense & Natural Law (Legem Terra Magna Carta 1215) to prevail. All institutions will have governance by representation & participation.

5. The franchise for all elections & referenda will be a “settled residency” period for citizens age 18 & over & simple majority voting with deliberative processes will dissolve majoritarianism. Freedom of Facts will be protected. The BBC as a Business Trust (Clause 11) will be required to support citizens in deliberative elections & referenda.

6. Constitutionalist candidates will be judged in elections to their constitutionalist’s parliaments for their integrity, competence, experience, learning abilities, vigour, natural grace & firm independence. National Constitutionalist Parliaments will be Constitutional Courts & will scrutinise legislation. Their root democratic legitimacy will support a strong civil society. Parties will compete to run government for seven years as executive & legislators replacing archaic processes. The legal system, moving from adversarial to inquisitorial, will be accessible to all.

7. Overarching constitutional principles shall be (1) all power, from any institutional source, shall be accountable to an external body (2) all shall treat as they would be treated (3).there shall be equality between men & women. The International Bill of Human Rights & ECHR will be extended with a code of responsibilities to include inter alia a citizen’s income & mutual commitment to life-long learning & quality of work. Public investment in secular education, social care, preventative & curative health, pensions, social housing & environmental care will be financed by public revenues not from taxes but from land value rents. These entrenched constitutional acts on governments will fulfil the five giants of social need laid out by William Beveridge in his 1942 commission report.

8. Subsidiarity between parishes, local councils, regions, nation states, confederations, EU, Commonwealth & UN will be constitutionalised & sovereignty dynamically pooled & responsibilities & tasks matched as appropriate. Constitutions will support single markets, not bureaucracies, in the confederation, the EU & the Commonwealth. The nation states can opt to elect a head of state or continue with the House of Windsor or conflate these options. The Armed Forces will be reconstituted as a confederal peace-keeping force to be available to NATO and the UN. The Confederation will avow the need for & support supra-national democratic processes to solve global issues.

9. Constitutions will mandate that sovereign money only will be created. Interest free debt will become a public utility. Nation States will be able to experiment with multiple currency systems using local currencies Sterling & the Euro. Constitutions will mandate gift capital investment in People, Science, Technologies, Arts & Infrastructure so as to increase productive capacity. The Confederation will manage Sterling. These tools entrench the public interest.

RENEWAL - England

10. The Preamble of the English Constitution will make no claim to world power status. Calling upon its history it will assert its nationhood & identity by acknowledging the significance of the English Language & its poetry, promoting its traditions in literature, the arts, sciences, music, industry, design, sport, liberalism, free speech & the rule of law, recognising the tolerance & mutual respect that is required for a multi-ethnic inclusive being, proclaiming English humour as a civilising force, moving from an established church to a secular spirituality, adopting an inter-generational ethical economic framework and knowing that a dearth of Liberty Equality and Openness impoverishes the physical, mental, social & spiritual well being of all of its people. Such an identity transcends the boundary of a polity that can have no utility beyond rights, responsibilities & stewardship.

11. This English polity will move to a Trust Economy that is debt free and equity free. Business Trusts, working under Common Trusteeship & Fiduciary laws will replace shareholding companies, partnerships, charities & other legal forms. Pension Funds will reconstitute themselves taking on the role of trustee directors of business trusts. In this transition, there will be reasonable & fair recognition of all shareholder claims in private & public companies. This is emancipation from the yoke of private capital & profit to the freedom of public investment & an income society.

12. England will be meaningfully regionalised for & by the people. Regions will have statutory powers & capital cities. By dint of this regionalisation & trusteeship economic wealth will be more equally distributed between all citizens. Draft boundaries for the regions will be established by The Constitutionalists followed by processes of deliberative referenda to set the formal boundaries. Specific franchises & processes will allow coherent boundaries to be set. An actual Democracy arises naturally from this reduction in scale in polities and replaces the elitist systems in the UK.

The right of the Officers’ social archipelagos to be indentified as co-authors of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.
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