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The Trustees-All Movement - seeks to generate public recognition of, and participation in, a new understanding of a universalist Peoples’ Political-Economy of Trusteeship in the Harmony of Nature. We seek ‘power-with’ to replace ‘power-over’, evolving a cellular and confederate model of genuine inclusive democracy.

The INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONALISTS UK - is a Citizen Movement and Political Process to prepare a living and written Constitution and a Confederate - not a Federate - form of governance for the Islands of Britain. Such form of governance will involve a fundamental shift from ‘power-over’ to ‘power-with’,  and will be set within a pattern of devolution, subsidiarity, mutual accountability and recognised responsibility. Said Confederation will include the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with scope in time for Eire to join.

A MANIFESTO - sets out a step-by-step process of using the system to become the system to change the system, thereby regenerating trust. It prepares its readers for a better understanding of the necessarily tightly-worded and evolving Charter.

Our CHARTER - holds the systemic image or model together. It is drafted to contain that image within a single glance and to be digested with both its principles and its parts always in mind. The Charter is both a guide to a written constitution and a suggested protocol for its achievement. The people will monitor the Constitutional Parliament’s progress in building a new society based on twelve new foundational blocks or principles underlying its structures. The Charter cannot be prescriptive simply because a democratically elected Constitutional Parliament is sovereign and cannot, and should not, be bound by the Charter that led to its establishment.

A CHART “From House to Home” - provides a visual image of the broken foundations of our current system and their proposed replacements. It should be viewed in conjunction with the evolving list of agencies and activities described on the Links page of this website. Our purpose over time will be to bring said currently parallel trends and interests into convergence.

An open STRATEGY FORUM bringing together, as keepers of the Constitutionalist Vision, all associates and participants to steer the activities of the movement, meets monthly in central London, in order to fashion strategic and tactical thinking. Prior to meetings, notice of upcoming agendas is sent via the ICUK Discussion List to all those wishing to be kept informed of the Forum’s decision-making.  Following meetings, after clearance with attendees, follow-up notes are also made available via the Discussion List. For further information, click HERE.

A COMPENDIUM-GLOSSARY “Mind your Language” - of Constitutionalist thinking and language provides a dip-in for explanations of ideas and usage that it is hoped will help public understanding and practice to grow exponentially towards critical mass for the movement and political process.

A SERIES OF 6-8min NEWSCASTS - have been produced and will be added to as and when appropriate.

DemoCafés - are base-level, self-organising structures with their own group processes and interactive websites. They are designed to address the appalling democratic deficit that besets the existing system by fostering local face-to-face communication and democratic debate. They will be especially important to the Trustees-All Movement in propagating a democratically-derived and universally valid understanding of a People’s Political-Economy of Trusteeship in the Harmony of Nature. Go to:

We invite you to study the information presented hereafter on our Website. Anyfeedback or suggestions you have to make about any aspect of our thinking and projected activities would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to participate further, or be added to our discussion list to receive regular updates, please leave us your contact details and information about the work you are doing, please go to Contact.

Our Tree Logo represents -
"The Tree of Genuine Democracy 
- Humanity in the Harmony of Nature"


Confederation flag description:
Three colours: red, green and blue on white.
The crosses and Saltaire symbolise equality in confederation.

Red Cross of St George for England,
Blue Saltaire for Scotland;
Green Diagonal Cross for Wales
Red Diagonal Cross of St Patrick for Northern Ireland.